About Juno Kids

Juno is a clothing brand designed for children aged 0 to 4 years, which takes its’ inspiration from films, art and music to create each piece of clothing. Juno wishes to convey to children this sensibility to art in all its forms through the clothes they wear, play in and have fun.

Juno firmly believes in the importance of giving children the chance to develop their creativity. We do not care much about being conventional and mainstream. This is the reason why Juno wants to create clothing for children who want to be different and creative, children who like playing and enjoying life at its fullest.

Juno is the double result obtained by the young fashion designer Sofía Garis. Juno is her daughter's name as well as the children's clothing brand she has designed. Juno is Sofia's source of inspiration, the creative power which has allowed her to realise her ideas and projects.

Juno is a mix of enthusiasm, excitement, inspiration and hard work, blended together to create a perfect harmony.

Our brand has adopted an eco-friendly approach both to the environment and in the production process. This is the reason why we have decided to use only 100% natural fabrics and to support made-in-Spain manufacturing: in fact, both our garments and fabrics are entirely made in Spain.

In Juno every decision is predetermined and every detail is looked after with great care in order to offer high-quality, exclusive garments.

Moreover, Juno is a ever-changing brand, as well as Sofía and the little Juno. Therefore, every season intends to be a surprise, creating different patterns and designs and offering surprising and evocative clothing at any time.